Delivering multi dimensional services to optimize your health outcome.



Delivering multi system approach with individualized care and cutting edge diagnostic tools that is ordered and managed solely by Dr. Frid. 


Dr. Frid serves as an advisory role to many patients who have been diagnosed properly but struggle in the recovery process. 

  • Dr. Frid will carefully assess your current neurological, cognitive, and mental status

  • Recommend additional diagnostic testing to further explore underline issue

  • Lay out her advise often encompassing new or additional medication strategy

  • Collaborate with other physicians participating in your care.

  • Guide in referral to wold leading specialists in particular area


Dr. Elena Frid often sees clients who have previously been prescribed various protocols    (including antibiotics and holistic) but have plateaued or declined in their treatment and now in need of a new path to cure. 

  • Dr. Frid works carefully with each client to establish the best possible plan for recovery using western medicine and supportive holistic approach.

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